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Rooflights and Ventilation in Hot Weather July 17, 2018

This has been an unusually hot summer already, and we are all looking for ways to keep cool as the heat continues to bombard us. Hinged rooflights can help ventilate a property, bringing in more air and making it more comfortable inside. If you need to ventilate areas like a kitchen or a bathroom to let out steam, this can also be a very handy option.

You can find many different hinged skylights and rooflight options, from domes to flat glass. They will usually open manually as standard, with options for remote control opening as well – this is a good option if you have very high ceilings. The rooflight can then be propped open securely, so it won’t bang shut.

It’s a good option for offices and workplaces too, as it helps to keep people comfortable. And it’s a nicer, more pleasant kind of air than having the air conditioning blasting out all the time.

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Whose Responsibility is Fire Safety? May 18, 2018

Fire safety is such a big, important part of a building design and construction project. It isn’t something that can ever be ignored – but who has to take responsibility? It will largely depend on the nature of the project and the role you play in it.

If you are an architect, you will be expected to have an understanding of buildings and fire safety regulations. This will ensure you design in the right feature so that the building meets with the standards and guidelines set out for it.

If you are within the company constructing the building, you will need to take responsibility for the materials and products used. You should cross-reference the designs produced by the architect to make sure they meet with buildings regulations set out by the government. These are there to make sure properties and safe, so it is essential everyone takes a joined-up approach for the best results.

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Is CAD Design Now Expected? March 26, 2018

CAD design uses computer technology to simulate a space, showing constructions within the room as well as measurements. It is a good way for designers to communicate ideas to customers, and it’s easy to see why it has caught on. However, it is possible that customers now expect a CAD design, so if you produce architectural and design drawings by hand, you may be missing out.

Customers who have had a kitchen or other fitted room designed using CAD technology will often be great advocates of the process. They will feel much more involved and have a better understanding of the process, how their room will look and how everything is going to be in real life. This can make it much harder for them to go back to hand drawn plans. If you want to get your fair share of the market and attract new, modern customers, it might be the case that you really need to be using CAD technology.

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CNC Laser Cutters and their Properties February 7, 2018

CNC lasers are used to provide cutting, engraving and shaping. They will often be used to cut metal, though they can cut other materials as well, like wood, concrete and foam. The advanced technology used will help to create an even cut and will provide an excellent result that is of the very highest quality. If you are looking for something to streamline processes and create the highest quality cutting, then think about a CNC laser cutter.

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The Responsibilities of a Landlord December 28, 2017

Landlords certainly do not have an easy life. There are so many responsibilities held by landlords – if you want to make good money from it, you have to make sure you are fulfilling all of your legal obligations. Here are some of the things you must do as a landlord:

  • Check all wiring, gas and electrics inside the property are safe. This will need to be done on a regular basis, and work must be carried out by someone qualified.
  • Make sure tenants can get in touch with someone during an emergency. Give them an emergency number to call and make sure it is always monitored.
  • Check the property is fire safe. You must have a working fire alarm when the tenant moves in, though it is then their responsibility to check it. Make sure you understand the rules around fire doors, extinguishers and fire blankets, and have the right equipment in place.
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