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Rooflights and Ventilation in Hot Weather July 17, 2018

This has been an unusually hot summer already, and we are all looking for ways to keep cool as the heat continues to bombard us. Hinged rooflights can help ventilate a property, bringing in more air and making it more comfortable inside. If you need to ventilate areas like a kitchen or a bathroom to let out steam, this can also be a very handy option.

You can find many different hinged skylights and rooflight options, from domes to flat glass. They will usually open manually as standard, with options for remote control opening as well – this is a good option if you have very high ceilings. The rooflight can then be propped open securely, so it won’t bang shut.

It’s a good option for offices and workplaces too, as it helps to keep people comfortable. And it’s a nicer, more pleasant kind of air than having the air conditioning blasting out all the time.

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