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Deciding to Design your Own Home February 8, 2017

Whether they’re old or new, most people buy their homes already built. Why not ring the changes and build your own home? This will open up lots of new options for you, giving you the chance to really put your own mark on your living space. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much experience do you have? If you already have architectural, design or construction experience, you may be able to play an active role in putting the blueprints together. If not, hire an architect with a good reputation for homes.
  • Do you have the funds? Make sure you have a comprehensive idea of the building and planning costs. Don’t run out of money part way through your project.
  • Have you chosen a good area? You will initially need to select the land where you will build your new home. Think about everything, from the way the land lies to the amount of natural light your home will receive.
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