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Get a Simple Opening With Side Hinged Garage Doors April 8, 2017

Side hinged garage doors are highly effective and convenient for most garages. They help to solve many problems while providing opportunities not feasible with other types of garage doors. They are also easy to operate and maintain as they have few moving mechanical parts. They come in wide array choices of styles, finishes, and material making them suitable for any home decor. Installing side hinged doors in your garage also offers practicality especially if your garage is used to store toys and bikes among other equipment such as gym, workshop, freezers, and laundry facility. They are suitable if you access your garage frequently as they offer easy access with minimal effort.

What Side Hinged Garage Doors Offer?


Side hinged doors for a garage come in a wide range of standard traditional designs. You can also individualise your garage doors to match any style or decor in your home. The hardwood doors can be totally customised to match the surroundings, personal preference or even have a modern or traditional feel. Although UPVC and steel doors are limited in design, they also have purpose made window and sizes.


This garage doors can be designed to have 50/50 split opening, 1/3 or 2/3 opening. The 2/3 and 1/3 opening designs are the best solution for a frequently accessed garage pedestrians can use the smaller door leaf to access the garage. These doors offer practicality in garages without headroom or those garages decked out internally with cupboards or shelves or intrusive pipework or electric meters. Since they do not have protruding panels or tracks, there is no risk of fouling the door operating gear. It is also possible to utilise all of your drives especially if the doors can open to 90 degrees.

Furthermore, since the doors do not have springs and cables to replace or maintain, they can be described as free maintenance solutions. If the width and depth garage is constrained, both frames and doors can be fitted externally.


These garage doors are made of steel, timber, and GRP and come in standard or individualised sizes. The GRP made garage doors offer good looks, convenience, and durability. GRP garage doors will not warp, swell or shrink, or rust and can withstand blows and knocks that can permanently damage or deform steel doors. They are perfect for coastal areas.

Electric Operation

Contrary to what most people believe, you can easily and conveniently install remote control operator to a side hinged door. Boom style electric operators with a swingarm conversion kit can offer the electric operation. Furthermore, if the inside of the garage has a high ceiling, you can automate the doors with a hydraulic and mechanical gate operator.


When buying these garage doors, there are certain issues that you should give much preference. The main factor you should consider is the safety of the door. You should ensure the door offers the highest possible security by ensuring it is fitted with a high-security lock, weather strips, and high-quality hinges. You should also ensure the design of the door offers the easiest operation by ensuring it is fitted with features such as an internal handle.

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