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Smoke Vents and Automatic Opening Vents July 17, 2017

Smoke vents and automatic opening vents (AOVs) are important facets of smoke safety systems. They should be installed in all commercial buildings where the fire regulations say that they are required. Often, they can be installed anyway to make a building even safer. They can all be linked together with the rest of the fire safety system in order to make sure all the different parts are working together to ensure the ultimate protection for people inside a building.

AOVs can be linked up to fire alarm systems and will open when they sound. They can be set to open in other situations as well, creating a way for smoke to exit a building. Smoke vents perform much the same function. AOVs might also be used for access to a roof area or another hard to reach part of the building, making it easier to get in and out.

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Advantages of a Retractable Terrace Covers June 1, 2017

There are lots of alternatives when it comes to covers like retractable terrace covers. These covers work the same way regarding protecting people from the direct heat of the sun and giving people the chance to change their home design. Covers designs available in the market include sun shades, canopies, regular covers, and pergola inspired ones. But if you want to boost your home’s image, one of the best options you can choose is the retractable terrace covers. These are those you can remove when you don’t need them but with more benefits than what you expect.

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Get a Simple Opening With Side Hinged Garage Doors April 8, 2017

Side hinged garage doors are highly effective and convenient for most garages. They help to solve many problems while providing opportunities not feasible with other types of garage doors. They are also easy to operate and maintain as they have few moving mechanical parts. They come in wide array choices of styles, finishes, and material making them suitable for any home decor. Installing side hinged doors in your garage also offers practicality especially if your garage is used to store toys and bikes among other equipment such as gym, workshop, freezers, and laundry facility. They are suitable if you access your garage frequently as they offer easy access with minimal effort.

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Visiting UK Cities with Great Architecture March 12, 2017

You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate great architecture. A city that has some impressive buildings, whether old or new, can be a really enjoyable place to spend time and take some photographs. The good news is, you don’t actually have to leave the UK to see some really unique and interesting buildings. Here are some cities you can visit if you are looking for some impressive architecture:

  • London. The mix of old and new in this city makes it an incredibly interesting place to explore. The modern part of the city has many skyscrapers where you can enjoy a cocktail and a great view over London.
  • Glasgow. This city features lots of the work of the great architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Glasgow School of Art is one of his great masterpieces.
  • Bristol. The old houses and flats in and around Clifton are beautiful and architecturally very interesting but the new parts of the city, like the shopping malls and entertainment centres, are also very impressive.
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Deciding to Design your Own Home February 8, 2017

Whether they’re old or new, most people buy their homes already built. Why not ring the changes and build your own home? This will open up lots of new options for you, giving you the chance to really put your own mark on your living space. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much experience do you have? If you already have architectural, design or construction experience, you may be able to play an active role in putting the blueprints together. If not, hire an architect with a good reputation for homes.
  • Do you have the funds? Make sure you have a comprehensive idea of the building and planning costs. Don’t run out of money part way through your project.
  • Have you chosen a good area? You will initially need to select the land where you will build your new home. Think about everything, from the way the land lies to the amount of natural light your home will receive.
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